Put it on the Shelf

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Put it on the Shelf

We have all shopped online and know how many options there are. However, when we walk into a store it is not likely that someone will get chicken from Wal*Mart and the chips from Target.  That is why I tip my hat of to Geoffry Maseruka, an Ottawa inventor.  He has created a unique way to help other inventors improve their marketing by actually getting their new inventions on store shelves. This is every inventors dream, to see your product in an actual store.

Contrarty to belief the internet may not the best option for all products and Maseruka agrees with that. He feels that internet may not shine enough light on new innovation.  So he’s come up with a way to link inventors and their products with retail venues and distributors that can also sell the products.

Maseruka Invention Distribution Inc. introduces your inventions to a world of small to medium size retail outlets you select as appropriate venues for your product.  If it’s a hardware product, figure out how much shelf space you will need in a hardware store and you’ll be exposed to the Maseruka.com member stores that might carry your product.  Instead of having to swallow the cost of their shelf space, you will pay the retailer directly for the space as well as a designated percentage of sales.

His website promotes this idea to not just the inventors but, the retailers as well. He wants there to be a benefit for both. It creates exposure for not only the inventor but, the retailer as well. This may be very beneficial for small business owners.

Here is how it works:

Retail stores or shelf space providers (doctors offices, hair salons, consignment stores etc.) register at www.MASERUKA.com, insert the required monthly fee per cubic foot of shelf space and the required percentage on sales.

Receive payment for shelf space
Retail stores receive payment for the shelf space from inventors or suppliers.

Receive products
After paying for the shelf space inventors, suppliers and distributors deliver the products to the retail stores. The retail store counts the products and places them in the appropriate section.

Receive monthly payments
The store continues to receive monthly payments for the shelf space.

Inventory counts and percentage on sales
At the end of every period (one month, two months, three months) the inventors, suppliers and distributors visit the store to refill the inventory and count the number of units sold in the presence of the store operator. The retail store keeps a percentage on sales and the balance is paid to the inventor, supplier or distributor.

No Fees
Shelf space providers never has to pay any fee to www.MASERUKA.com. Shelf space providers are required to have an email account in order to receive payments.

Each country is linked to one currency as follows :
Australia-AUD $, Canada-CAD $, Japan- JPY ¥, UK- GBP£, Eurozone -EUR €, USA and all the other countries- USD $

This seems like a great advertising and marketing idea.  And right now, during the initial promotional period, the service doesn’t cost anything to inventors, distributors, or stores.

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