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Think in the Box!

August Tip — Sometimes You Need to be Square  Much of today’s design aesthetic seems to be about swooping curves. Nevertheless, sometimes you just need a nice square corner. When it comes to molded plastic parts, inside corners are easy. The inside corner of a part is formed by the outside corner of a mold, […]

Performing a Patent Search

Performing a Patent Search

Lesson 3: Is it a Needle in a Haystack? This lesson is not a very long one however, your homework is.  As your idea is being drawn up more and more in your head (and hopefully on paper) you need to figure out is it really “new.” To do that you have to take some […]

Inventor Opportunities (August)

 Here are some opportunities that we found for you. Please make sure that you read all terms and GOOD LUCK!   Edison Nation Live Search: Amazon    Amazon ( seeks  home innovations that save time, money or energy. Deadline: September 14, 2009  For more information:        Edison Nation Live Search: O-Cedar O-Cedar®, manufacturer […]